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One-Click-Buy E-Commerce FACILITATED ORDER PROCESS One-Click-Buy from the outside is your everyday e-commerce store which facilitates online purchasing with just one click and makes maintenance of your store easier than ever before. Payment transactions are handled by Stripe and your store traffic is protected by SSL and SMTP protection. BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION Multi-Merchant One-Click-Buy facilitates payment to multiple accounts while …

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Music For Your Needs Etc for your ads, videos, events, background music, brodcasts, singing and websites. Songs are changing so don’t waste your time to download if you like some of these      Playing Previous Song Play Pause Next Song / Shivers | NOW 49 € Joy Of Life | 39 € Light In You | 62 € The-Illusion …

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CONSULTATION & DEVELOPMENT MEETINGS, DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTATION SERVICES LIVE DEVELOPMENT Webdeveloping can take a surprising amount of time when you’re likely to have to learn a whole new world. WE WILL HELP YOU We use our knowledge to help you. We can use a lot of valuable plugins that saves a lot of time and money WIN WIN SITUATION We …

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WordPress Maintenance We take care of your site, keeping it performing well. Your Money’s Worth The lack of proper maintenance of a WordPress site has the same effects that the lack of maintenance on a car does. Neglecting maintenance brings issues which negatively affect the performance of your business. Professionals in the Field Your site is safe in our hands. …